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A Catholic who dies is to be given funeral rites. Upon the death of a loved one, families are asked to contact the parish as soon as possible and before any arrangements are made with a mortuary for liturgical services. On initial contact with the bereaved family, a priest or other minister from the parish will arrange to visit the family or meet with them to offer condolences in person, to pray with them (if this is acceptable to them), to prepare, and plan with them for the rites of burial.

If you wish to schedule a Funeral at St. Dominic’s Parish, please contact the parish office at 303.455.3613. The Church Hall is also available for rental if you wish to have a funeral reception at the Parish.

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The celebration of a Quinceañera is the solemn blessing of a young woman, the renewal of her baptismal promises and her dedication to Our Lord and Our Lady of Guadalupe.  We do not celebrate this within the context of a Mass. Therefore, communion will not be given.

Six months before your desired date please contact the parish office secretary, and provide the following:

  • A Confirmation Certificate, or if presently attending a Confirmation class, a letter from the parish stating that the young woman is attending classes.
  • The date you desire to celebrate the Quinceañera. We will check to see if the Church is available.
  • The language you want to use – English, Spanish, or Bilingual.
  • A calendaring fee of $200.00 will be needed to confirm/hold the date.  This fee is non-
    refundable 30 days after the selection of the date.

Two months before your scheduled date, you must contact the parish Quinceañera Catechist to determine the date for your class and the planning of the ceremony. Contact the parish office for this contact information.

Week before the celebration:

  • There will be a rehearsal of the event a day or more before the celebration.
  • Go to confession on the Saturday a week or two before the Quinceañera.

The fee for the Quinceañera celebration is $550.00 which includes the $200.00 calendaring fee, the catechesis, the ceremony with the presider and parish musician(s).

All the fees are to be paid 30 days before the celebration or the event will be cancelled.

If you desire the use of the Church Hall please contact the parish office.  If you use both the Hall and the Church, a discount is available.

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Learn more about annulments here, Guide for Petitioners in Nullity Cases and here, Grounds of Nullity.

To inquire about an annulment, please contact the parish office at 303.455.3613.