Priesthood, Consecrated Life,

and Dedicated Single Life

Some people experience an attraction given by God to live their Christian life and service to the Church as a priest/religious. This attraction ought to be discerned through the help of a vocation director which each diocese and religious community has.

To become a priest of the Archdiocese of Denver, you can access a person to help you through the archdiocesan website: www.archden.org.

To explore a calling as a Dominican priest, brother, cloistered nun or active sister; please contact the Vocations director for the Province of St. Albert the Great at vocations@opcentral.org or visit www.opvocations.org.

Everyone should view the single life also as a calling from God. Single life emphasizes the uniqueness of the individual and a joyful participation in building the reign of God, which bears a powerful witness in the church and the world.