Sign Up to Attend Mass

We are so happy to celebrate Mass in person but we ask that you sign up so everyone can be here safely.

We encourage those who are sick, elderly, or infirm to stay home. Only those willing to wear a mask for the duration of the Mass (except for communion) can enter the church. Once you have attended Sunday Mass, please be kind and do not sign up for a month (this frequency may change). The 9:30AM Mass is expected to be the most crowded, so please consider coming to the 4PM, 7:30AM or weekday Mass. We will also have taped or live-streamed Masses for those who cannot attend.

Before you sign up,  make sure you understand the procedures…

There will be only two entry points into the church: the south entry and the north entry. The main church doors will be locked. You will enter and leave through these doors only.

  • You must ware a mas or face covering while in the (children under the age of 3 are exempted)
  • Please sanitize your hands after entering the church.
  • Avoid touching anything you do not need to touch.
  • Ushers will seat you.  Please follow the usher to a place set up for you. FAMILIES WHO LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE CAN SIT TOGETHER AND ONLY COUNT AS ONE PERSON for the purpose of the count! We may have a special section for families.
  • Collection baskets will be placed by the doors and at the foot of the altar. They will NOT be passed from person to person at Offertory.
    You can place your contribution in the basket when it’s at the foot of the altar during Offertory, or when you enter or leave the church. .
  • Communion will be distributed after mass.
    This permits minister(s) to wear masks while distributing communion. Come up to communion with your mask or face covering on. NO COMMUNION IS PERMITTED ON THE TONGUE at this time! This is a firm Archdiocesan rule. As you approach for communion, stand on the spots taped on the ground for social distancing. When you extend your hand to receive, allow the host to be placed in the palm of your hand, step aside, use the other hand to pull down your mask or face covering and reverently commune.
  • We ask that you leave the church immediately after receiving communion, paying careful attention to maintain proper distance at the door.
  • Sanitize your hands as you leave, and minimize contact with the doors.