Lay Leadership

Parish Life

It is about living generously our vocation as Catholics. It is about love, trust, honesty, integrity, faith and hope. It leads us to stewardship and compels us to share with others the most valuable things we possess: time, talent and treasure — indeed, our very selves. So, let us love one another as profoundly as God first loved us through the sending of the Son to bring redemption to our world. If you’re interested in serving on these different committees and working to bring about change in our parish and community, please contact the Parish Office.

Parish Office: 303.455.3613

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is an administrative and collaborative body of St. Dominic Parish.
The Council serves the pastor in a consultative capacity and exists to help and support the pastor and his staff to accomplish the goals of the parish.

Members for June 2019 – June 2020

Evelyn Andazola
Chip Creager
Maria Fernández-Guerrero
Marleen Langfield
Patty Moncada
Vicky Ortega
Julia Roos
Francine Welker

Hispanic Council

The Hispanic Council is the group which collaborates with the pastors of the parish to guide and serve the needs of the hispanic community of the parish.
Members Include:

Deacon Antonio Guerrero, chair
Maria Fernández-Guerrero
Amada Moreno
Abel LucerRuby and Jorge Gonzalez
Carmen Caro

Financial Council

Members Include:

Michael Clark, chair
Jim Mohrbacher
Scott Gesling
Chip Creager

Ministry Outreach

Members include:

Mary Alice Bramming, Chair

Special Groups

Grupo Esperanza – Amada Moreno

Liturgy & Prayer Committee

This committee brings the assemblies of St. Dominic to prayer and God through the enhancement of the liturgies. The Liturgy Committee serves the community by providing for the planning of the celebration of the liturgy and services, the training of new liturgical ministers and the ongoing formation of all liturgical ministers at the annual Liturgical Ministers’ Day. The committee is concerned with education in the liturgy and the coordination of all elements of the liturgical life here at St. Dominic. Generally, this committee meets the third Tuesday of the month.

Art & Environment 

This committee enhances the liturgies through signs and symbols.