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This life with Christ is a wonderful adventure.

All are welcome to join us in it.

Parish Picnic, August 4, 2019

Our annual parish picnic at Sloan’s Lake went off splendidly this year. Even with the threat of rain hanging over our heads, the St. Dominic Family came together as a community to enjoy some wonderful food and conversation.


COR Expedition, Summer 2019

By Fr. Chris Saliga, O.P. | Parochial Vicar

We recently finished our very successful first annual St. Dominic mountain leadership course through COR Expeditions. What you may not realize is that our course was designed to help folks more fully discover their God-given potential to step up as leaders right here at St. Dominic Parish. Read more

St. Dominic Oktoberfest, 2018

Every year, our Oktoberfest celebration draws the entire Highlands neighborhood to our beautiful church. Local breweries and food trucks, families and friends all come together to share a drink, listen to music and to be a community together.


If interested in participating in these parish activities, or if you want to suggest something you would want to head up, but you’re not sure how, reach out to the parish office. We’re a family here at St. Dominic Parish and that means we help one another.

If you want to help plan and lead Oktoberfest or even help sponsor the event, contact