Pastoral Reflection

Pentecost is our celebration of God’s Spirit breathed into
God’s followers. While this is historic, it is also an event that continues
to this day. When you and I are baptized, God breathes the
Holy Spirit into us.
Within the writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas, there is a fancy
term that names something of the reality of who the Holy Spirit
is. That fancy term is spiration. At first glance it seems odd, until
we note that breathing is referred to as respiration. When a nurse
measures my respiratory rate, she or he counts the number of
times I breathe in one minute.
Relative to God the Father and God the Son, the Holy Spirit is the
breath of love that binds them together. Relative to you and me,
the Holy Spirit is God’s breath of love by which we are resuscitated
out of death to new life. As long as we remain connected to God in
real relationship, His breath of life continues to animate us. Like
oxygen in the natural realm, our entire being is animated by God’s
Spirit of Love. And so, we rejoice! We are in fact fully
Fr. Chris OP

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