Pastoral Reflection

My dear family of St. Dominic Parish:

There are some great things happening at St. Dominic’s these days. I just wanted to draw attention to them as they are signs of life and future growth! First, many of you noticed the new temporary signs on the corner of Federal and 29th. These were donated by a member of the parish to help us “get the word out” to the neighborhood that St. Dom’s is alive and kicking! They are temporary until we finish the landscaping, lighting and a permanent sign on the corner there. This transformation of the corner can be an effective way to get new people into our doors, something that we as evangelists, always welcome!

Second, our website is being reformatted. We have some energetic and creative folks behind the scenes to make our web presence more dynamic and welcoming. As our neighborhood changes, so must we. Our ways of outreach must catch the attention of the searchers out there!

Most importantly, though, is what happens once these newcomers make the step through the doors. Fr. Chris and I are trying to keep up the welcoming spirit begun by previous pastors, and so are you! I still hear comments that St. Dominic’s is friendly and welcoming! Let’s take that and raise it a notch! It’s not about US as much as it is about Jesus Christ and bringing the Good News to all who need it!

Fr. Jim

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