Pastoral Reflection

Dear Parishioners,

First of all, I wish to thank Fr. Chris and the terrific group of young adults who worked so hard on our Oktoberfest. It was well organized and very enjoyable. We are grateful that the weather was so lovely especially since the very next day we had cold and snow. I owe the committee and fr. Chris a great debt of gratitude for their interest in St. Dominic Parish, and their stewardship of time and talent. Many thanks to you and the example you give the rest of us.

I wish to share more about the impending change of space regarding the Parish Center and Dominican Priory. Permit me to share with you from my perspective as a Dominican Friar. Our one community has lived in two buildings separated by a half-block for over forty years.  It is obvious that this has never been ideal for a common life nor is it good for the religious formation of novices. We are the only province in the entire Order that has lived this way. For many years we have looked into remedying this reality. Through the urging not only of our superiors but of all the brothers we have decided that we cannot continue to live any longer in this manner. The option for our Dominican community here is either to live in one building at St. Dominic’s or to move the novitiate out of Denver to another house in the province. Our desire is to continue to be located here at St. Dominic’s Parish in Denver. Thus, in discussion together with the Parish and Finance Councils and the Dominicans over many years, we believe the move to consolidate the whole Dominican community into the present Parish Center (plus a small wing added on by the province) and to merge both the Parish Center and the Parish Office into the present Priory building is the best solution for both our Order
and the Parish.

My last reflection on this project will be in the bulletin for next week. Afterward, I will schedule a meeting for those who wish to discuss this project. Thank you for your careful attention.

Fr. Ed

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