Pastoral Reflection

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Even though we do not have a school, everything seems to be
starting anew. It is an exciting time for the parish as we have a new and
rather large group for our RCIA community, Religious Education registration
is taking place these next few Sundays, different committees are
meeting to prepare for activities like Oktoberfest, Fellowship Sunday, etc.
I ask that you pay close attention to the Bulletin Insert on a new initiative
the parish is undertaking with regard to Faith-Formation. The Program is
online and called “FORMED”. Many parishes in the Archdiocese and beyond
participate in “FORMED” with great results. We shall be hearing
more about this as the year rolls along. I urge you to read the insert and
sign up for “FORMED” as soon as you can. Should you need any help,
please see staff. Directions are simple and clearly presented on the bulletin
insert. I will appreciate hearing your comments about “FORMED” as
you explore all the possibilities.

I want to thank all of you who gave such a welcome to Fr. Luke
and Bro. Brent this past month. I am most grateful to Grupo Esperanza
who hosted the parish picnic for us. I took advantage of fr. Luke’s presence
by visiting family and friends on different weekends. He did the
Masses in Spanish. Beginning this Sunday, Fr. Chris will begin saying
Spanish Mass and we will return to our normal rotation.
Please be mindful that Rene Andazola, our Maintenance Manager, broke
his foot seriously and will be out for about three months. We are so
grateful that Doug Edgar has returned to help us out while Rene heals.
Thanks Doug! Also, Diana Bennett has fallen and broken her right arm in
two places. So Religious Education will get off to a slower start. Keep
them in your prayers.

God bless you all,

Fr. Ed

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