Pastoral Reflection

Funeral Planning: Part 1 – A little background— Funeral and Vigil
“In the face of death, the church confidently proclaims that God has
created each person for eternal life and that Jesus, the Son of God, by
His death and Resurrection, has broken the chains of sins and death that
bound humanity.” (Order of Christian Funerals #1)
At the Funeral Rites we celebrate the sacramental mystery of life,
death and resurrection. We focus on Baptism, since all were baptized
into the Paschal Mystery of Christ Jesus.
Funeral Rite options include: Funeral Mass, Funeral Liturgy Outside
of Mass, and Memorial Mass (when body or cremated remains are not
present), In addition, there is the Funeral Vigil and/or Rosary Service.
The Vigil includes scriptural readings, a brief homily, prayers a sharing
of memories. The recitation of the Rosary or part of the Rosary can
be done at Vigil. The presiding minister at a Vigil or Rosary may be deacon
or a lay minister.
Except for the Vigil with Rosary, the services should be separate and
distinct; therefore a Rosary just prior to Mass is discouraged.
A Funeral Mass may be held on all days except solemnities, which are
holy days, or during the Easter Triduum.
The Committal is the final service with a blessing at the cemetery.
The Church still encourages the custom of burial in a Catholic Cemetery.
If the burial occurs in a non-Catholic cemetery, the grave will be blessed.
At Fort Logan National Cemetery, the committal service takes place at a
designated staging area.

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