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S I G N  U P  !!

W H A T   I T   I S   

Part book club, part study: this initiative will be a seminar-style exploration of philosophy and theology through the Dominican lens.   The two sources below will be utilized to inform and help begin the work of The Studium.

W H O   I T   I S   F O R   

All are welcome to this grassroots, seminar-style initiative.  No need to have any background in Philosophy or Theology, just a desire to enter into this vast world!
It is the hope that an approachable exploration and practical application of natural philosophy will help aid our understanding of the light of Faith.  
As with many new initiatives, this will surely evolve as time goes on to grow into what it ought.  However, the anticipation is that The Studium will consist of bite-size excerpts and clips from the sources above as well as philosophical education and discussion. 

H O W   I T   W O R K S  

The Studium will meet bi-monthly on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 7pm via zoom. The first part of the hour will be spent reviewing what was previously covered, then go into new education and discussion. Fr. Luke Barder, O.P. will facilitate The Studium.  

S A I N T   A L B E R T U S   M A G N U S   

Saint Albert the Great was a Dominican bishop in Germany during the 13th century. His life led him to the University of Padua in Italy where he was introduced to the works of Aristotle; thereby philosophy began to inform his study of the natural sciences, which was his background.  “During his life, Albert wrote thirty eight volumes covering topics ranging from philosophy to geography, astronomy, law, friendship and love.” Although he contributed much to the Church, he is most famously known as the teacher of Saint Thomas Aquinas.  Saint Albert the Great was instrumental in defending the work of the Angelic Doctor (St. Thomas Aquinas) after his death in 1274.  
He is one of the few “Doctors” and “Greats” of the Church. He is also the patron of the Domincan Province in which Denver resides : The Province of St. Albert the Great, USA (Chicago, IL).  It is in the name of this great saint that The Studium will take shape and through him it will ask intercession. His feast day is November 15th.