At St. Dominic Parish we are devoted to building up leaders into a house of living stones (1 Peter). Our work as Christians is to change the world in preparation for the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven. We can only do that by going out into the world and joyfully sharing the truth about the Gospel and about our relationship with Jesus Christ. Building up those leaders and that kingdom starts in small ways in our local parishes and develops from there.

Liturgy quite literally means “the work of the people.” It takes a community to make the liturgy at Mass happen. From lectors willing to proclaim the Good News, to Eucharistic Ministers assisting at Communion as well as Mass Coordinators, choir members and more, we are in need of the talents that only you can provide. Each of us has gifts given to us by God, help us offer God praise and thanksgiving for all those gifts by giving them back to Him.

On May 13, 2012, St. Dominic Parish opened the doors to the Fair Trade Store, a project developed by Fr. Clint Honkomp, O.P. in cooperation with faculty from Regis University. The primary goals for the store was one of community building, environmental awareness and support of Fair Trade Products. Products come from local farmers and producers in places such as Guatemala, Venezuela, etc.