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COR Expedition 2020!

Good News!

Our 2020 COR Expeditions St Dominic Trip currently remains fully on track for Saturday July 18th through Tuesday July 21st.

Please know that we’re taking our Colorado COVID-19 statewide infection-control measures very seriously and fully implementing them here at St Dom’s and will continue to do so. Please do the same!

That said, we do encourage you to register for this year’s expedition at no financial risk. Moreover, you can still apply for financial aid as well if you have need. Remember, the expedition is first come first served. Once we fill, registration will be closed.

If you’ve already paid your registration fee, or if you’ve already paid the entire $390.00 inclusive fee, have no worries. If we cancel our expedition due to COVID-19, your money will be completely refunded by COR Expeditions.

Click HERE to see COR COVID-19 plan.

If our expedition comes to full fruition, we’ll find ourselves full of joy! God willing, what a great way to reconnect in person once current statewide infection-control measures have passed!

Finally, although Fr Chris Saliga OP, RN leaves for his new assignment in late June, he’ll be back to see our expedition all the way through as lead chaplain!


Register Risk-Free  and apply for scholarship at:

Reflection from Fr Chris Saliga, OP

Leaders are formed in challenge zones. Last year’s expedition challenged us to consider how God was calling us to lead in various ways here at St Dom’s. Indeed folks have stepped up!

This year’s expedition takes place from 18-21 July (Saturday-Tuesday). The course will lovingly challenge you and me to discover how God is calling us to confidently step more fully into the messy “real world,” and once there, how to lead others to Jesus Christ?

This year’s expedition will help us grow through virtue-based leadership content complete with group discussions, and adventurous activities including rock climbing, backpacking, a peak attempt, and whitewater rafting. Your 3 Dominican priest chaplains (Frs. Chris Saliga, Scott Steinkerchner, and Brian Zuelke) will elevate the entire pursuit with bilingual daily Mass, Eucharistic adoration, confessions, and supportive presence!

This year’s expedition is designed for adults 18-60 years old. Learn more and register online at You’ll want to do so quite soon while spots are still available. If you need financial aid, apply through COR Expeditions when you register.

Further questions? Ask Kevin Beauchemin, Jessica Perez, or Fr Chris all about it!

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COR Expedition 2019

Success in the Mountains: Moving Forward

Fr. Chris Saliga, O.P.

We recently finished our very successful first annual St. Dominic mountain leadership course through COR Expeditions. What you may not realize is that our course was designed to help folks more fully discover their God-given potential to step up as leaders right here at St. Dominic Parish.

It was amazing to hear some of the vision of folks on the course. One participant shared his desire to redouble his efforts in reaching out to folks with checkered pasts in order to bring them into the fullness of their faith right here at St Dominic’s. How awesome is that?! Another shared a real desire to get some things going in building fellowship. One other shared forward-thinking ideas of how our religious education program can continue to flourish well into the future, even in the face of shifting demographics. Suffice it to say that it was truly inspiring to see the ideas, desires, leadership talents, and potential for further growth of our folks start unfolding on mountain trails, cliff sides, and within the thumping class-four rapids of the Arkansas River!

For those who were not on course with us, you are not off my radar screen. We have so many amazing folks in our parish! Leadership is one very potent way in which the gift of stewardship manifests itself and transforms us. Stewardship is that gift by which you and I share our TIME, TALENT, & TREASURE in life-giving fashion.

That gift of stewardship that you and I possess is raised to a real gift of leadership when we step up and serve in ways that help our pastor lead our parish in connected fashion with the giftedness of our parishioners. This happens through working on committees, serving as ushers, leading us in prayer by singing with music ministry, proclaiming the readings at Mass, serving as Eucharistic ministers and altar assistants, getting together with friends to visit our shut ins, etc. We have so many needs!

Cohesion is that great gift of many folks pulling in the same basic direction toward the same goal. Regardless of whether you participated in this year’s leadership course, please take some time to more fully discover your own talents. Leadership is all about positively influencing the direction of our parish. Our parish will thrive well into the future insofar as folks generously and lovingly step up because YOU are the PARISH. Many blessings as you do precisely that!

Fr. Chris Saliga, O.P.

St. Dominic Parish, Parochial Vicar

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